River Pitch 2022

River Pitch 2022

Wednesday, November 16, 2022

It was a pleasure to take part River Pitch last week.

Leverett Powell, CEO at Curbside Commisssary took part as a judge in the 2022 River Pitch Competition at Riverwalk in Tuscaloosa.  For weeks leading up to the competition, Leverett help mentor several teams.   

During River Pitch, over 60 teams are broken up into 10 silos/booths.  They then pitched to three judges for a $1,000 prize to help them move their startup forward.

The Judges for the 10 booths.
The 10 winning teams.
Dr. Welbourne introduction to River Pitch 2022.
Jim Page introduction to River Pitch
Explaining the format.
People arriving
One of the teams presenting.

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